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47: The Home Automation Gateway Drug

March 19, 2015 at 3:45PM • 1 hour 24 minutes • Wiki Entry

This week on Supercharged we’re talking about disappearing drug markets, USB-C’s major security drawback, and home automation. We’re also answering your questions about Nintendo, getting into tech reporting, and using your own domain for email.

Guests: Ben Robinson, Tony Gutierrez, and Darren Herczeg.

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  • Ben's Tips: 1) Run a hard taco shell under hot water for a few seconds to soften it up without making it soggy. It'll taste the same and won't break when you eat it. 2) Use 53's Paper & Pencil app on an iPad to draw, then AirPlay your iPad's screen to a computer with an app like Reflector. You can initiate a Google Hangout with others doing the same and share your sketches in real time over the web.
  • Tony's Tip: Use Amazon Warehouse Deals!
  • Darren's Tip: Don't go the Princeton Review for SAT prep and
  • Adam's Tip: It Takes Four Weeks to Get Out of Shape for Weights, But Less for Cardio