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44: Fruity Pebble's Non-Ionizing Radiation

February 26, 2015 at 3:45PM • 1 hour 26 minutes • Wiki Entry

This week on Supercharged we’re talking about more fun malware, Pebble’s new smartwatch, and productivity hacks and myths. We’re also answering your questions about what the most productive people do and Simple’s banking problems.

Guests: Jeff Steinke (of BlueFletch, @jeff_steinke), Alan Henry (of Lifehacker, @halophoenix), and Darren Herczeg (@DarrenCorp on Instagram).

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  • Jeff's Tip: Over the summer my iPhone 5 qualified for a recall and I was able to upgrade to a 5s for ~$300 w/o affecting my contract. This was a couple months before the 6 was to be announced so I did it, with the intention of selling the 5s for about the same price when the 6 came out. Fast forward...I send my nearly new phone into Amazon b/c they were offering much more than sites like Gazelle and Usell. However, they decided that my phone was only “average”, which cost me around $200. Frustrated (I returned the 5s in practically new-in-box shape), I asked Amazon why it wasn’t rated higher, and unprompted they instantly credited me the full amount. Since then, a coworker has had the exact same experience. So the tip, is that if you’re a heavy Amazon user (shouldn’t you be anyway?) sell your phone to them and then be ready to request a re-evaluation.
  • Alan's Tip: Use your rice cooker to make mac and cheese
  • Darren's Tip: Read a difficult book when you need to reset your mind when working towards a major deadline.
  • Adam's Tip: Make an ADHD activity list.