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221: Chicken-Titted

August 28, 2018 at 4:00PM • 1 hour 8 minutes • Wiki Entry

This awkward week we're talking about a different kind of therapy, crying during sex, and dolphin blow hole rape with special guest Maureen Duncan! (Also, sorry, we've had some technical issues recently but the show should be back on schedule now!)

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Awkward Story Time: A coworker comments on Richard's dietary restrictions. Maureen shares her tale of public transport food dilemmas. Straight white people get mad at other straight white people for appropriating a gay word.

Special guests: Maureen Duncan 


Geoff (you pronounced it correctly on the latest episode, good job, i'm just trying to avoid the usual "jeff"): "I started seeing a therapist after having difficulty finding the desire/interest in developing romantic relationships. I was coming to terms with identifying as asexual.

However, I have discovered that my sexual orientation is someone being paid to sit in a room and listen to my problems week after week.

I'm horny for my therapist.

We'll call him Chris, and he is also gay.

Over the last few visits, he's shared some of his personal experiences that can be compared to mine. We've also been laughing more. There was a specific incident where as he sat down, his polo slid up and revealed his abs. He didn't correct it until more than a few moments after I obviously gawked.

Erika: will this impede my ability to make therapeutic progress? should this issue part of the therapy?

Adam: how can I tell my therapist he's hotttttttt? if necessary, how can I tell him I need to change providers.

Darren: assuming I have to get another therapist, how can I seduce my current one? while still maintaining the veneer of "your my therapist"

Richard: what's the sexiest mental health diagnosis?

If this has been asked before -- forgive me. I have learned it is prevalent enough to have the term "sexual transference" which only makes this hotter to me.

P.S. I submitted a comment recently, and you read it on the most recent episode (ep. 218). The reason my comment sounded formulaic is because I was responding to a literal request for people to write in and identify themselves as listeners (ep. 216).

P.P.S. I did actually submit a question a long time ago, probably 3 years. I hadn't had any kind of romantic/sexual experience, and was wondering if I should hookup with someone from grindr. I did, it was awkward, and I do not regret it. although it was foreshadowing to the asexual issue referenced previously. "

Rose: "Hello Erica, Darren, Adam, and sometimes Richard- so I met this boy 3 years ago at the gym and we started talking and hanging out. He lives in another city than me but spends the summers with his parents in town. He his 3 years older than me. After meeting up a few times we fucked and we are now friends with benefits. This has been going on for the last 3 years but we only ever talk when he is in town. He recently slept over and in the middle of us having sex he started crying. We dont have a very emotional relationship and we no very little about each other; i felt extremely awkward with him crying on top of me. Later i came to find out his brother died only a week before this. I feel very weird now and I dont know if I should bring it up? I understand he is in a lot of pain and i feel bad, however its also awkward for me because i feel like he was just thinking of his brother while fucking me. Im not sure if I should say anything or talk to him about it because we have never had that kind of relationship, though I do care about him.."

Alexa: "Can you help me settle an argument with my boyfriend ! Even if I’m wrong I just want the truth lmao

I told my boyfriend I love dolphins and he proceeded to inform me that he read online dolphins rape each other in their blowholes cause they’re one of the only non-humans that have sex for pleasure.
To which I responded that’s fucking dumb dolphins EXCLUSIVELY breathe through their blowholes. having sex via blowhole would probably have water rush in and kill them
We’ve both found lots of “clickbaity” articles supporting our claims

Can you tell me the truth of the dolphin??"