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Touch of Gay

214: Touch of Gay

June 20, 2018 at 1:00PM • 1 hour 15 minutes • Wiki Entry

This awkward week we're talking about the mysteries of meeting friends, cowboy lust, a sudden silent treatment, and gifts for a lady with special guest Anayat Fakhraie!

Thank you to Touch of Gay for launching their new fragrance on our show!

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Awkward Story Time: We're giving you a break from us this week because of last week! But we do talk about gay pride being weird because of corporations (see links).

Special guests: Anayat Fakhraie 


Vilde: "Hey Adam!

I’m sorry for emailing you this late, it’s like 2:30am, but I drank way too much coffee way too late so here it comes.

I’ve almost finished my first year at a new like level of school, I think it’s similar to high school in America, but I don’t know, your school system is super weird. But anyway I’m at this school which is like one of the if not the most difficult (high) school to get into, so everyone are super geeky and obsessed with doing well in school, are at least almost everyone are.

Everyone are kinda socially awkward, me too, but pretty good at just talking a lot and I’m pretty out going so it’s fine. And no one nice seem interested in having a social life, which I do. This one guy I kinda made friends with suddenly got a crush on this girl and now they’re like hanging out all the time. Which could be fine but she’s the kinda gal who pitches up her voice and basically screams every time she talks to a guy. It’s super annoying and I have a lot of head aches so I don’t feel like hanging out with them. Plus they play a lot of card games and 1: I hate card games and 2: the girls screams EVEN MORE when they play card games.

This one girl who is actually kinda nice and interested in being social has had the same problem as me and is now changing schools because of this...

I don’t really want to change schools because it’s only two more years and this is the school in town with the best teachers, most recognition and they have the classes I want. So my question is how do I make friends or make this social things better? Hope you, Erica, Richard and guest are good:)

Btw the way Richard pronounced his own last name was so satisfying i don’t know why, but it was kinda beautiful, can he do that again on the next episode? Is it Spanish or something?

Btw I think the most logical explanation for your car-mess is that you or Richard must have been looking for something, made a mess and then just forgotten about it...

Okay that’s it, I’m going to bed now, sorry for potential typos, have a nice day/afternoon/night, byee!"

Anonymous: "I never do one night stands but I did last night with a cowboy I met at a bar. He looked average I guess and older than me (I’m 24) but put me in a trance. Like I dunno why but I got hooked and took him back to mine. I woke up to breakfast and then he left. But the thing is I want to see him again. I know it was one night only but I know the hotel he’s at for the next two weeks. Should I go find him? He lives in Omaha and I can drive there in like two hours so it would only kinda be a LDR. Am I just gonna get my heart broken tho?"

Jake L.: "After dating my bf for almost four months it’s like I’m getting the silent treatment. When we met we’d text like all the time and even fall asleep on the phone talking. Yeah it got less often after our ‘honeymoon phase’ but that’s what goes down in normal dating and that was fine for like two months. Out of now where (like I don’t have any ideas why it changed even if I try to think about it really hard I don’t remember anything) he won’t answer texts for over a day sometimes or talk on the phone. When we do it’s okay except with texts because he has very short responses like “okay” and “cool” if I tell him about something I think he would like. AHHH! What did I do???"

Mitchell: "Hey there awkwards! Love the show and finally got a question for y’all. My name’s Mitchell, I’m hetero with a touch of gay for threesomes etcetera, 32 years young, and been in a relationship with my college sweetie (she’s “Caroline”) for 10 years coming on 11. 11 is coming soon and anniversaries come with anniversary gifts. I got no idea what to get anymore. Add up the birthdays, anniversaries, Christmases and you get 30 gifts and then there are those other gifts that come up for whyever. For some recent years I just stole gift ideas from friends she didn’t know and that worked well but I ran out. She loves the gifts and I love her but I don’t know what to get my lady anymore. You got any clever stuff? I got her Bukkake for a stocking stuffer so don’t say Bukkake."