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21: The Devil's D***

July 31, 2014 at 11:00PM • 1 hour 4 minutes • Wiki Entry

This week on the podcast we're talking about the dirty skin in your fat rolls, sex with cousins, and if Buddhists are going to hell.

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Awkward Situation of the Week: Anayat likes rock hard tits.

This Week's Questions:

  • Connor asks, "I'm an introvert, but I love to talk to people nonetheless. I'm an honors student and I sit at a desk closest to the door. I have people popping by every now and then just to say hi. Yes, they are just that friendly. However, sometimes I feel like I have no idea what to talk about and I feel awkward. Any good ideas on how to sustain a conversation in a short and meaningful way?"
  • Camira asks, "I married a Christian man, and I love him, and he's great. I'm not Christian...more of a Buddhist and spiritualist. I respect his beliefs and he respects mine, except for this one thing: he makes jokes about how I'm going to hell. I don't talk about our religious differences, but it comes up when we're out with friends or with his also usually very nice parents and family. I told him I don't think it's funny once but he keeps doing it. I think he really believes I'm going to hell, and he still married me. That super freaks me out. Of course I need to talk to him about this, but what are the words?"
  • Melissa asks, "If you were asked for sex by your partner almost every day in different ways, would you say no all the time and complain? Because that's why my boyfriend is doing. I'm a girl, by the way."
  • Anthony asks, "I found a jar of semen in my boyfriend's freezer and I don't know how to talk to him about it but we both listen to the podcast so if you read this then you just helped me a lot. If you want to talk about this, the jar is about 3 oz and half full (I'm an optimist). I don't think he cooks with it."
  • Juan asks, "I'm talking to both a girl and her cousin on Tinder, but they don't know that. They both want to bang. Should I do it?"

Special Segment: Dr. Spencer Nadolsky tells us why skin inside your fat rolls looks dirty.

Final Thoughts: From Gabriel Pagan: "I have heard about this pooping right after sex thing. Some guys just don't understand kegels and sometimes do push poop movements. Once they come, things relax and they have to poop. As for Gabourey Sidibe I have one word: headphones."