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183: For the Love of Debt Relief

September 25, 2017 at 3:00PM • 1 hour 9 minutes • Wiki Entry

This awkward week we're talking about crushing debt, rejection that just won't quit, and a pity party. Questions/comments/stories/whatevers? Call 509-AWKWARD or visit for every option!

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Awkward Situation of the Week: Everyone thinks Adam is an ecstasy dealer...again.

This Week's Questions:

  • Hollie (30/SF - Followup from #181) asks, "Hey guys and gals, Thanks for answering my question, it made me laugh listening to it at work trying to do serious spreadsheet stuff, got some weird looks from my co workers. A couple of updates and to clarify some bits: We do have sex at the least once a week – trying to make a baby so some sometimes more – we are off to the IVF doctors next year. Its just a pain in the ass trying to get his attention sometimes when he’s trying to find a 6 letter word with a Z and a T in. The suggestions you gave me were great. I texted him while he was at work telling him I wanted him and when he got home... well... yeah. We banged. So thanks! We do have a date night/date day at least once a week (when its not wedding season because then his evenings and weekends are taken up going through photos) and on those dates phones do get put away – but as soon as we get home he’s straight back on it, its like he cant be away from it. I’ve never bought up the whole thing of “we moved so you would be nearer the people important to you” because I feel like it was a natural course for our relationship. I don’t know if its something I can bring up now we have lived in our new home for 6 months. Have I left it too late? I only started crossfit last month and don’t want to be one of those crossfit types who only ever talks about it – that being said both times I’ve written to you I’ve mentioned it. Maybe I am one of those types? When are you guys coming to London? Lets group Dip n Flip! Much love, Hollie"
  • Helmi (26/F) asks, "Hi guys! I'm a 26 year old girl from Finland. Hope you understand my English. I have this problem with my coworker. You can call her Kaisa. She has been bullied all her life and i kinda want to be nice to her because of that but i can't stand hanging out with her all the time. She needs other friends but nobody can stand her because she is so insecure and thinks everybody hates her. She is a good person and very kind to everyone around but keeps complaining about how she is treated differently than anyone else. Like in the most ridiculous ways. Everyone speeds past her when she is driving because they don't like her. The reason is that you are driving too fucking slowly you idiot! Also she likes to think that our boss only tells her to do her job better because the goddamn boss fucking does not like her oh my god. And the list goes on. Basically she is okay and i do not want to stop hanging out with her but she wants to work with me and spend every break and lunch with me. My other coworkers kind of avoid her so i rarely get to spend time with them because of her. What should i do? Hope this message wasn't too hard to follow. I wrote this while listening to Kaisa complain."
  • Lexy (21/SF) asks, "hello! my name is Lexy I am 21. first of all your podcast is my favorite. I've been listening from the beginning but this is the first time I have ever submitted, i have just begun my fourth year of college and as all you know the expenses of university are absolutely outrageous........ and because I am poor, I am constantly looking for ways to save money and make the burdens of college less stressful. Before I filed my fafsa this season, a coworker and I were joking about the idea of a contractual marriage to receive more grant money seeing that I'm already $20,000 in debt.... as time went on we both came to the conclusion that neither of us were really kidding and I actually Jesus and a goat married her son. (His girlfriend wasn't too happy about it either)......(yes there is a prenup, although neither of us has any assets to begin with) It's morally wrong but completely legal (let's be real the sanctity of marriage for love has yet to reach the top of my agenda since I'm only 21, I have many years to be married for real) anywaaaaay, In May I visited a friend of mine and she set me up with one of her coworkers on a blind date and we really hit it off, like this guy is the bees knees and I've grown a considerable amount of feelings for him. He's definitely not the same type of scum bag guys I've dated in the past (in my hometown I'm known for fleeing the country to escape the wrath of terrible boyfriends on more than one occasion) I've been planning to move in with this gal friend for several months anyway, and I'm still planning on doing this and staying married to my coworker's son (yes it's still legal I promise)... this other guy and I have talked about getting more serious and seeing where things go when I relocate but my question is, at what point do I bring this up in a conversation? Like hey I like you you're cool btw I'm hitched? How do I tell him in a way that won't totally weird him out? Do I not tell him at all and on the off chance things get rrrreealllly serious (not just speaking about him but really anyone else could be included in this narrative) do I just secretly fly home on holiday and have a quiet divorce? Don't get me wrong I'm 100% confident in my contractual marriage and my refund checks and I am not regretting it but any and all feedback good and ugly is appreciated So many questions, soooo much debt... ALOHA!"
  • Anonymous from Ireland asks, "Hello to the whole awkward human team! i am from Northern Ireland and i would ask to remain anonymous. hey guys, before i get into my problem just wanted to say you guys are amazing and keep up the great work. you have helped so many people :)!!! Now onto the heavy stuff, ill start at square one, couple months ago i met this girl and we hit it off really well. most of my free time i spent with her, until i took a holiday for 2 weeks i came back to find her and my best friend spending a lot of time together. After a while they kind of stopped and now don't talk anymore and for the past month or so showed a lot of interest in me, i would even go as far as to say i loved her, but again she turned me down and now it feels like a piece of me is missing. I've talked to a few close friends and they asked if i'm just numb, but this is not numbness, because at least when you are numb you can deep down feel your feelings i just feel nothing. Ive been talking to a few people about her and most people say the same thing, she always goes with a very attractive yet boring person for a week or so then moves on. I have moved on from her but still feel like she has the missing piece. what is the next move? sorry that was so long just feel i needed to provide some context."

Special Segment: Erica's explosive diarrhea!

Final Thoughts: Know any cum guzzlers? Tell us about it for the next show!