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The Red Pill

160: The Red Pill

April 16, 2017 at 2:45AM • 1 hour 25 minutes • Wiki Entry

This week we're taking the red pill (and spitting it back out), and talking about unwanted attention, revolving open relationships, and talking to boys. Questions/comments/stories/unexplained substances you need to identify? Call/text 509-AWKWARD or visit in your web browser!

It's the OG crew today! Darren's back to talk about one of his favorite things: the red pill subreddit.

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Awkward Situation of the Week: Darren doesn't take his friend's virginity.

This Week's Questions:

  • Ellina (22/SF) asks, "Hello coworkers! I'm a 22-year-old straight female. I'd like to know if you have heard about the red pill, and especially TheRedPill subreddit? I have discovered this community a couple of weeks ago and I was so surprised of all the hate women get on there. The basic premises are that the society is pushing against men and masculinity, that women exploit men, that they are all hypergamous sluts, that men should 'swallow the pill', start on their journey to become an 'alpha male', start lifting, reading and "spinning plates" (fuck lots of women). Some posts on TheRedPill subreddit are hilarious to read, but some posts have actually helped me improve my behavior in my relationship (like realizing that I sometimes use shaming tactics). What do you think about the red pill? And also, what is your opinion on 'the key that opens all the doors is a great key and the door that can be opened by any key is a shitty door?'"
  • Lizbeth (24/SF) asks, "Hello Awkward peeps, I guess I should start out with the typical spiel about how I love the show, and I just have the most recent episode left to catch up. I live in Austin TX which doesn't matter much except for the fact that sometimes I find myself wondering if Janet really exists somewhere in my city, and how I hope she is real. In the past year we've been much more open about it than before and I thought I was comfortable enough to open our relationship, not only for him but also because I was only ever in terrible long term relationships and I didn't get to have much fun in the past, and I wanted to experiment sexually. During our open relationship I did get to have fun myself, as did he. But I also struggled with it, I had a hard time letting go of jealousy and struggled with the idea of him developing crushes on multiple people. In a couple to my previous relationships I was left for another girl. so it's sometimes hard not to carry that feeling on with me. Yet he always reassured me that I was the most important girl in his life as much as he could. But eventually I didn't feel like the jealousy was healthy and asked for it to stop. He agreed without a fight and told the girls he was talking to the next day that it was done. My issue is I know how much he enjoyed being in an open relationship and y'all have taught me alot about opening up to options like this so I'm not opposed to opening the relationship up again. But do you have any tips on dealing with the jealousy and anxiety that comes with doing this?"
  • Princess Grandma asks, "Hi! Thanks for answering my question. It's been a little while since I listened to the episode but I remember someone saying that the fear of confonting my roommate about it is probably worse than the actual conversation will be. I promised myself that if there is another toilet bowl splatter event I will confront him head on, in conversation, face to face (but in private). That hasn't happened yet but I hope I can go through with it if the time comes. I feel like it goes without saying that I'm kind of an awkward person. I often suffer from "shakey voice" when speaking. My roommate also has this problem. I'm just dreading having a doubly awkward conversation with someone who is probably unaware of the shituation to begin with. Someone also suggested that I lock the door since the bathroom is nearest to my room. This is a good idea except there is no door on this bathroom. I know that sounds crazy but it makes sense if you see it how it's constructed (the entrance is open and you turn a corner before entering the private zones). Anyway, hopefully my partner gets this job and we can move out this summer and I never have to think about this gross ass apartment ever again."
  • Awkward Engineer (24/SF) asks, "I've been listening for your show for a couple months and you seemed like the right group of people to ask about this a little problem I've been having at work. So first off the important things, I’m a 24 year old straight female and I could use some advice. I’ve been working at my new job after having graduated from college as an engineer and was excited to get going with my career! (AKA sell my soul and in exchange for a glimpse of hope at paying off my student loans). I’ve recently been having some awkward interactions with another engineer who works in a department that works closely with my department. He’s about my age, not married as far as I can tell, has 2 children, and is not someone I’m particularly attracted to. It started with him being super friendly, nothing out of the ordinary. I helped him get up to speed since he started a little after I had started at the company. The first weird thing happened when I was busy with a work task and trying to finish some things with a co-worker when he walked up and handed me his phone and asked me to enter my number. Having just started working there and not know the culture at the company and also being distracted with my task I just entered my number. I accidentally entered the wrong number (I really didn’t do this on purpose). He nagged me a month later saying I had never responded to his texts about a “work thing” and I was forced to fix my number. Because I didn’t enter the right number I’ll never know if he did text or if it was a work related question but after I fixed the number I didn’t receive any texts. Next we were at a training where they provided breakfast. I was trying to get to some emails and he walked out of his way over with coffee from the brunch (only on the other side of the room) stirring stick and sugar and milk package. I had mentioned earlier that I wanted coffee but having him get me the whole kit and caboodle gave me creeps. The third situation was when he tried to ask if I was on Facebook. Because I was stuck at a table of people during lunch I awkwardly tried to make it as difficult as possible for him to find my profile while simultaneously not saying no I don’t want to be 'friends.' I’m sure some of you have been in one of these situations where someone sneakily tries to get you on Facebook without actually asking your permission add you as a friend. Other than that it’s been a string of weird shoulder touching, him trying to get me to join his team or sneakily asking if my boyfriend has any opinions “xyz” to knowing that I'll be forced to answer that I don’t have one. I don’t want to have to bring anything up to my manager, I just want to do my job and not worry about walking a tightrope around this guy. He has been a good resource for me in my job and I'll have to work with him for the foreseeable future but I'm really tired of him wiggling into my personal life. Am I just being overly cautious?  Am I reading too much into these situations? What do I do?....Please help....."
  • Anonymous asks, "Hey i cant talk to boys and if i do i shy away and feel awkward"

Special Segment: Second Hand Dildos

Final Thoughts: Darren shares his rendition of Feliz Navidad!