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12: Go F*** at the Manatee's Aquarium

June 3, 2014 at 11:45AM • 57 minutes • Wiki Entry

This week on the podcast how many steps your FitBit thinks it takes to reach orgasm, gay rent boys, and one place where you should never have s**.

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Questions this week:

  • FitBit Fornicator asks, "Hello, I have a question for your cool podcast: Could a fitbit track how much you m*********? Like 'oh no I forgot to take my fitbit off, now I m*********d for three miles.’"
  • Anonymous asks, “I got in an argument with my girlfriend last night…probably. She’s really mad, and I am not sure what to do because I don’t know why she’s mad. We got really drunk last night, and I remember having a good time, but this morning she wasn’t talking to me. I was just talking to her like normal and she left. So I asked her what was wrong and she blew up at me and left the apartment. So apparently whatever I did or said was really bad and asking her to explain it to me isn’t going to work. So how do I get her to tell me what’s wrong without p****** her off more?”
  • * Sandy asks, "So here is my issue? I am a 40 something gay man I did all the things gay man of my era have done, s** drugs fun etc .. For the last two years been in a serious relationship . So I got bored .. Work was great built a career etc . I am one of those people who promised himself that at the age of 30 I wouldn't still be going to clubs and on the whole I wasn’t. So ended up a club with a few mates there were lots of young t***** like the club kids of my generation. Now the good thing is that they were wonderfully rude to us old men . They were the kind of boys who wouldn't really talk to us not even really let us buy drinks etc ( as we allowed guys to do for us when we were young ) We had all been drinking etc it was a fun silly evening. I went home So I am at home take out my I phone .. look up grinder, blender one of those apps, as you do . And one of the club kids pops up , we chat if thats really chatting and I got an offer ( I need to make it very clear in my 40 plus years plus of life that I never ever did that before ) Well the offer from this young man was cash for s** not a lot of cash 120 quid , I thought why not and did it . It was a little sad but the s** was fun and what amused me most is that this boy wouldn't take a drink from me in a club but had a secret life as a rent boy . Well it was a strange and somewhat silly experience but fun a few mights later I was late in from work , poured a vodka etc and began looking on my phone and saw another one of those boys from the club same thing happened I have since done this a few times ( few times means 12 times or so ) So my question is am I just another sad old gay man ? Is the rent boy thing a rights of passage that I missed ? Should I be more public about it?"
  • Our next door neighbors who we have never met left us the following note the other day. “We wanted to address an awkward situation. We hear your s***** intercourse VERY LOUDLY. The walls are very thin and everyone can hear you. For the sake of other people can you please tone it down?” My boyfriend and I have been dating for 9 years and just don’t have those kinds of s** marathons anymore. I know it’s the neighbors on the floor below us because we constantly have to turn up the volume on game of thrones s** scenes to drown them out. I was too mortified by the situation to say anything and now I’m worried I will run into them one day and they will figure out what we look like and accuse of us having loud s** to our faces.